11th Round History

The 11th International Conference on Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences was organized by The ACAVENT, 21-23 July 2023 in Copenhagen Island, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Name Affliation Article title
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Rachel Quastel Levinsky-Wingate Academic College, Israel Donald Trump and The Jugian Shadow in The Wild West
Social Sciences Conference Prof. Ginger, Ching-chih Wang Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, National Taipei University, Taiwan The Empire Rows Back: The Postcolonial Utopia in Sharon Bala’s the Boat People
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Ndivhuwo Doctor Sundani University of South Africa Using digital media literacy as a mechanism to prevent fake news and misinformation in South Africa: A systematic literature review
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Harrison Jachec West Shore Jr/Sr High School, United States Key Actuation Force and Brain Waves: Effects on Productivity and Accuracy During Typing-Based Tasks
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Ziarat Hossain Kuwait University, Kuwait Predictors of Husbands’ and Wives’ Time Spent in Household Labor in Kuwaiti and Qatari Families
Social Sciences Conference Prof. Ljubica Kordić Faculty of Law, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia Women Employment in Croatia from Historical Perspective
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Shanil Jensen Haricharan University of Cape town, Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, South Africa Relationship between emotional intelligence, leadership styles and performance: An analysis of South African public service cases
Social Sciences Conference Rev. Niloy Barua International Buddhist Studies College of Mahaculalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand Dimensions of Individual Differences – Ethnicity, Gender, Race, Socio-Economic, Religion, Sexual Orientation
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Adebukola Daramola Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Nigeria Lived Experiences of Nigerian Citizens on Corrupt Behaviour
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Rose Ayiku-Kwei Moi University Ampath Program, Kenya Stakeholder Analysis on Handheld Platform for HIV Viral Load Self-Testing
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Omar Mizel Ono Academic collage, Israel Challenges and Opportunities for Education Accountability in Bedouin Society: Examining Cultural Values, Community Involvement, and Government Policies.
Social Sciences Conference Prof. Dr. Liljana Siljanovska South East European University, Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia The media and the democratization of society between the ideologization of values and critical public opinion
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Armend Ibrahimi University of Pristina and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Kosovo Artificial Intelligence as an instrument of political participation
Social Sciences Conference Mrs. Somayeh Ghafarpour Department of Psychology,Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon Branch, Mazandaran, Iran The Effectiveness OF Sleep Behavioral Interventions During THE Third Trimester OF Pregnancy ON Sleep Quality AND Postpartum Depression: A Randomized Clinical Controlled Trial
Social Sciences Conference Mrs. Albana Deda University of Tirana, Department of Linguistics, Albania Word Formation Head and The Typology Analysis of the Word Formation Corpus in Albanian
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Mohammad Thaher University of Tours, France Unlocking Social Sustainability in Urban Transportation: Investigating Stakeholder Perspectives and Sustainable Indicator Strategies
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Dovev Goldstein Tel Aviv University, Israel Managing Stress with Terpene-Based Functional Bars: An Open-Label Observational Study
Social Sciences Conference Dr. Elizabeth Perry TSP, United States Everyone else is making a mistake: Effects of peer error on saving decisions
Social Sciences Conference Miss Guanrui CAI The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Missing Blood, Fake Smile and Extreme Sports: How Cultural Localization Shaped Chinese Menstrual Product Advertisements
Social Sciences Conference Miss Maria Pawińska Silesian University, Poland Harnessing Behavioral Tools for Effective Legal Compliance: A Paradigm Shift in Law and Public Policy
Social Sciences Conference Mr. Łukasz Dziura Jagiellonian University, Poland Policing from the sky: the promise and challenge of police use of drones

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