Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Dr. Liljana Siljanovska

South East European University, Tetovo, Republic of North Macedonia

Liljana Siljanovska is a full professor of International Communications at the Faculty of Languages, Culture and Communication at the South East European University – Tetovo, the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as a mentor for doctoral studies in Media and Communication and doctoral studies in    Political Science at the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences at the same university. She has obtained her PhD in European Studies for Integration and Communications at St. Cyril and Methodius Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia in 2006. She has written numerous publications (over 80 publications and 3 books) and research projects on topics in the field of communications, mass media and European studies. Her papers have been presented at numerous international scientific conferences and symposia. As a professor, she has given several lectures at renowned universities in Europe. She is a member of several international scientific and professional organizations and institutes and with her professional lectures and papers she makes a great contribution to the creation of socio-political conditions in the country and the region.

Past Speakers

social sciences conference

Dr. Stancu Adriana Iuliana

Stancu Adriana Iuliana is lecturer PhD at ”Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, where she started the professional activity in 2005. In 2010 she became PHD in Law , at Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy of Bucharest . She is the author of two books and also she published over 26 scientific papers in recognized international journals. At the University she teaches criminology and criminal law. She is the active director of the Legal Science Department Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences.

social sciences conference

Dr. Mihaela Aghenitei

Mihaela Aghenitei is a PhD Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences at the University of the “Lower Danube” and participates in a grant funded from the funds of the research project carried out by the University “Lower Danube” from Galati. She is an associate researcher at the Institute of Legal Research – Romanian Academy and a member of ELI and ESIL. She has published 81 articles indexed in national and international databases and 5 specialized books in criminal law.

social sciences conference

Dr. Susanne Jacobs

Dr. Susanne Jacobs (Ph.D. Edu; MDIAC, Play Therapy) is a senior lecturer at North-West University (South Africa) (Child, Youth, Family, Transdisciplinary Health promotion studies). Facilitating teacher education (30 years), currently supervises post-graduate research in psychosocial health: strengthening (restoring, and preserving) communities, using positive, appreciative, psychological strengths, to promote resilience, well-being, healthy relationships, and culturally responsive approaches.

social sciences conference

Dr. Zoë Kessler

received her doctorate from the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Dundee in Scotland where she focused her research on youth in the social care system in Eastern Europe. A Master of Social Work from Salem State University, A clinical license from the state of Massachusetts. Zoë has been on the faculty at Salem State University in the United States since 2019. Zoë recently received a Fulbright Scholar Open Research Award to continue her research in Latvia in Spring 2023. There she will research the impact of deinstitutionalization policies on children in the social care system and creating a Co-research Photo Voice exhibit of care leavers lived experiences post care.

social sciences conference

Ms. Le Vien Lan Huong

Le Vien Lan Huong is a lecturer at the Foreign Language Department, Vietnam Medical Military University, Hanoi, Vietnam. Her teaching area is the English language – Field of study: cognitive linguistics.

Social Sciences Conference

Ms. Kabaro Neswiswa

Kabaro Neswiswa is a professional social worker and a trained PREP 8.0 facilitator (Denver), with 16 years experience working with couples and families. Now a PhD student (Marriage Enrichment) from the North-West University (SA), she values strong marriages and uses her passion to teach couples skills to enhance healthy relationhsips.

social sciences conference

Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Hanh

Nguyen Thi Bich Hanh is the Head of the Linguistics Department, Faculty of Culture – Linguistics, Graduate Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, and her teaching areas: Linguistics, especially in the field of cognitive linguistics, semantics, and symbolism.

Social Sciences Conference

Mr. Andre Ben Moses Akuche

Mr. Andre Ben Moses Akuche is a Doctoral Candidate (International Relations) at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He holds a B.Sc. Degree in International Studies from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, and an M.Sc. (Political Science) Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. He lectures in the Department of International Relations at Madonna University, Nigeria. His areas of interest include theories of international relations, foreign policy analysis, strategic studies, human rights, human security, climate change policies, and Research Methodology.